Consult and conform to the advice given in the manufacturers documentation. Each transformer rectifier should be regarded as unique as it is easy to modify them for a particular application.


19.1. Ensure that the transformer/rectifier is safe for the area in which it is installed. In oil and gas locations this often requires that all electrical equipment be spark-proof, and the transformer/rectifier may not conform to the Fire Prevention Regulations.

19.2. Ensure that all connections and cables conform to the regulations. Cables may be required to be armoured and lead-cased, and to enter the enclosure through spark proof glands. These details should be obtained from the specifications for each location.

19.3. Check the TR records for the last setting and meter readings. Enter the date of visit and the setting and meter readings if different from the last entry.


NOTE Switch the AC power supply off and note that the meters return to zero.NOTE. If they do not, then it might be possible to adjust them using a screwdriver in the adjustment slot, below the meter needle

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